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Enantiornithes stuff


two things:

1) David, I found this
http://dml.cmnh.org/2003Apr/msg00028.html in the list
archives. Does your PDF offer still stand? ;-)

2) I remember happening across a paper some months ago
(it was not a too recent one) which discussed
pygostyle evolution. It was noted that 2 different
shapes were found, one (short, about an equilateral
triangle) in Neornithes and another (long,
approximately rod-shaped) in Enantiornithes and some
non-avian theropods. I *think* I remember the
author(s) remarked upon that the latter type was not
yet known to be associated with a "proper" bird tail
with rectrices, only Enantiornithes-type fuzz,
_Confuciusornis_-type "streamers" or
_Caudipteryx_-type fans, and concluded that this might
well be causal rather than hypodigm bias.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this paper anymore. Does
anyone know which one it is?



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