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Re: Some final references

Thanks to Dr. Baeker for the enlightement.
He's a very kind person and instead of sending me to er.. em
famous search engine he provided me with references which
are related to what I wished to make clear. Also he proved that
some capatabilies are more important than others.

I had once habits of running long distances through almost unpopulated
areas while inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth, thus
bypassing RTs water retention function. Because of my infantile
character never I took spare water with me. Unfortunately (as I thought),
I had to stop following these routes due to tendon injury.

But only a short time ago I realised in what danger my life had been.
For I could die where nobody was able to help me. I shall never
more talk or take physical exercises, because doing so might prevent
water from being retained. A lot of people are still doing this,
endangering their lives...

I will spend more time lying down and conserving water, conforming to
the key element in the evolutionary strategy which enabled endotherms
to outcompete dinosaurs. I urge everyone should do it. We should
not be confindent with partial water recovery, but go further.
Perhaps, after 2013 days of extensive training one will be able
to recover 107.5% of water added to in inhaled air. This will greatly
contribute to person's health and mental abilities. As of me, I hope I will
be able to write in such sort of grammar that could be parsed and
understood by humans.