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Re: Some final references

> I had once habits of running long distances through almost unpopulated
> areas while inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth, thus
> bypassing RTs water retention function. Because of my infantile
> character never I took spare water with me. Unfortunately (as I thought),
> I had to stop following these routes due to tendon injury.
> But only a short time ago I realised in what danger my life had been.
> For I could die where nobody was able to help me. I shall never
> more talk or take physical exercises, because doing so might prevent
> water from being retained. A lot of people are still doing this,
> endangering their lives...

Thanks to Dmitry, we can now formulate

If loss of a structure lets not drop you dead immediately, it is
without any function.

This law has lots of interesting consequences - due to time
limitation, I only state one:

During my summer vacation, I observed a seagull with only one
foot. Locals assured me that it lived in the area for quite some time
now and seemed to be doing fine. According to Anisimov's law, this
proves that at least one of the two feet of seagulls is without

P.S.: Sarcasm has a way of back-firing, doesn't it?

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