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Trialestes, dino? croc? or proud parent to both?

Tim Williams quotes

Clark et al. (2000):

"This taxon [_Trialestes romeri_] ... "Although the forelimbs of both specimens 
are very similar, nearly all of their similarities can be interpreted as 
plesiomorphic character-states or features that are found in both 
crocodylomorphs and basal dinosaurs. etc.etc. etc."


Clark, J. M., Sues, H.-D. & Berman, D. S., (2000) A new specimen of 
_Hesperosuchus agilis_ from the Upper Triassic of New Mexico and the 
interrelationships of basal crocodylomorph archosaurs.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 20: 683-704.




That's what I like to see. Corroborating evidence. Would love to see some pix. 
Thanks for the reference Tim!

David Peters
St. Louis