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Help needed again

Dear list,

for some time I'am unsucessfully trying to get these papers:

Knoll, F.& Bouveur, A. 2001 A large pterodactyloid in northern France and a 
review of French Pterosaur record: Bull. Soc. Geol. Fr., 172, 4: 447-454. 

Coria, R. A., and Arcucci, A. B., 2004, Nuevos dinosaurios teropodos de Auca 
Mahuevo, provincia del Neuquen (Cretacico tardio, Argentina): Amegh., v. 41, n. 
4: 597-603.

Kellner, A. W. A., 2005, New information on the Tapejaridae (Pterosauria, 
Pterodactyloidea) and discussion of the relationships of this clade: Amegh., v. 
41, n. 4: 521-534.

If someone has pdfs, I'd be very happy to get a copy,



P.S. If someone else wants the pdfs too, please contact me offlist and I will 
forward them to you.

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