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RE: Trialestes, dino? croc? or proud parent to both?

David Peters wrote:

That's what I like to see. Corroborating evidence.

I know what you mean here - it's always good to receive affirmation of one's own hypotheses. You get a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside.

However, I'd advise you to be very careful here. You could be of accused of 'cherrypicking'. Just because you find corroborating evidence (or what you interpret as corroborating evidence), doesn't necessarily make you correct. Look at *all* the evidence - "corroborating" and otherwise. The best hypotheses are those that stand up to challenges, instead of pretending that such challenges don't exist. It's much more important to account for contrary data than simply looking for corroborating data. In other words, don't restrict yourself to studies that (you think) back you up.

Would love to see some pix. Thanks for the reference Tim!

You're welcome. But I would strongly advise you to do some background reading on the fundamentals of cladistics. I'll add to the chorus of DMLers who have noted (or strongly implied) that your grounding in cladistics appears to be quite weak.



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