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Re: Introducing Mahakala omnogovae, little dromaeosaurid of Mongolia

One can hardly withhold a satisfied grin seeing how it
all starts to fall into place. This year and the next,
I think, stand good chances to bring the sort of
breakthrough for stem theropod (and possibly stem
dino) phylogeny that the last 2 years brought for
crown dinos.

What breakthrough...? Sure, we're a lot closer to the picture than we were 2 years ago, but... ~:-|

Now (as regards this user), if an associated skeleton
of that wretched _Gallornis_ would turn up *please*...
(_Torotix_ wouldn't be too shabby either.

Are these two even diagnostic? I mean, is really every half of a bird coracoid diagnostic beyond "not too far from Neornithes"?

Or for something more realistic: a _Gansus_ skull.) :D

Oh yes :-)