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Re: Testing Unenlagiinae

Mickey, sprinkle some citations over it, replace "disturbing" by "indicative of a typographic or similar error", and GET THAT PUBLISHED. That's what I and my thesis supervisor* are doing right now, with a much, much smaller matrix that isn't even on dinosaurs.

Surely in the USA it's like in France, where whether you're hired for any post depends on your impact factor? And that, presumably, minus the insider connections that can prove very helpful in France?

* It was his idea, but I'm doing most of the work, so he wants me to be the first author.

Variraptor (based only on the holotype dorsal and sacrum) could
be a dromaeosaurid or an oviraptorid, so is not shown here.

That alone is worth publishing.

|  `--+--+--Pedopenna
|     |  `--Yandangornis
|     `--+--Patagonykus
|        `--+--Mononykus
|           `--Shuvuuia

Wow. *Yandangornis* getting stranger and stranger, and *Pedopenna* revealing unknown sides...

  |  |--Epidendrosaurus
  |  `--+--+--Archaeopteryx
  |     |  `--Wellnhoferia
  |     `--+--Jeholornis
  |        `--+--Sapeornis
  |           `--+--Confuciusornis
  |              `--+--Protopteryx
  |                 `--Yanornis

Hey, *Jinfengopteryx* is back being a bird! I feel betrayed! ;-)

  `--+*-IGM 100/1005
     |  `--+--Neuquenraptor
     |     `--+--Mei
     |        `--+*-Urbacodon
     |           |*-IGM 100/44
     |           |--Byronosaurus
     |           |--Sinusonasus
     |           `--+--Sinornithoides
     |              `--+--Troodon
     |                 `--+--Saurornithoides mongoliensis
     |                    `--Saurornithoides junior

*Neuquenraptor* back as a troodontid as announced before it got its name...

        |  `--+--Unenlagia
        |     `--Rahonavis
                 |  `--+--Graciliraptor
                 |     `--+--Sinornithosaurus
                 |        `--+--NGMC 91
                 |           `--Microraptor

Flying dromaeosaurids all over the place, and a home for *Yixianosaurus*... Are both species of *Microraptor* in there?


*Hulsanpes* a dromaeosaurine, and most other dromaeosaurids sensu stricto too... but *Adasaurus* not... fascinating. :-)