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RE: Testing Unenlagiinae

> >|--+--Alvarezsaurus
> >|  `--+--+--Pedopenna
> >|     |  `--Yandangornis
> >|     `--+--Patagonykus
> >|        `--+--Mononykus
> >|           `--Shuvuuia
> I'd be interested to know what characters support
> this 
> _Pedopenna_+_Yandangornis_ clade, and its inclusion
> within Alvarezsauridae - 
> and what the bootstraps are like.

Me too.

> >Mickey, sprinkle some citations over it, replace
> "disturbing" by 
> >"indicative of a typographic or similar error", and

Yes, give it a pithy name and get it into print. Your
discussion of the matter alone already bets much of
what I see published.
> Yeah, I have to agree with David here.  It might
> also be useful to provide 
> bootstrap support values, at least above a certain
> value.  The fact that so 
> many taxa bounce around, especially between
> Dromaeosauridae and 
> Troodontidae, makes me think that the exact position
> of many taxa is not 
> well-supported.

Bremer values could be useful. On the other hand, they
might not, depending on *how* incertae sedis these
jumpers are.


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