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Re: Origin of flight

Hi Paula

TimW has made response and it looks like the idea has been around for a while.
It was interesting to actually observe this bird behaviour though.


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Sounds like a wonderful hypothesis to me - much better than the thing about climbing trees -- did you get any responses on this?

On Sep 10, 2007, at 3:58 AM, Nick Page wrote:

A few months ago I was sitting in my garden when I noticed what I took to be a rather dimwitted bird catching insects off the lower leaves of a shrub.

I am not a bird expert but it was some sort of small/medium sized black bird.

It was catching the insects by jumping off the ground and gaining height into the foliage (no more than 30 cms) with a few flaps of its wings, catching insects with its beak, and then falling rather clumsily to the ground and disturbing the leaves as it fell.

It kept this procedure up for about 3 or 4 minutes and seemed to catch a lot of insects by this method.

I then thought that a reptile with proto winglike forelimbs could do the same job.

The more efficient jumpers and flappers would be at an evolutionary advantage and get the most insects.

Nick Page

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