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SF convention seeking programs on paleontology or paleogeography

I'm recently back from this year's DragonCon in Atlanta (www.dragoncon.org),
a vast gathering of folks interested in science fiction, fantasy, music, 
gaming, or walking around dressed as your favorite character from an
alternative Universe (my wife got my picture standing rather gingerly 
next to a cute and fuzzy Cthulhu). The con also has a growing program
in straight science - I've spoken on the history of space exploration,
status of the Great Observatories, extrasolar planets, and this year
did a live observing session using an Arizona telescope remotely
(to the accompaniment of singing Tesla coils in the next room). 
These fact-based programs have been doing well enough that a single
Science/Space track last year expanded to two separate ones this year,
and will probably become a triplet of Space, Science, and Skepticism
tracks next year. This opens more opportunities for speakers, and
explains this post. The organizers, while mentioning this in their first
debriefing email after the latest DragonCon, mention that they'd like to
see paleontology and paleogeography (or paleoclimatology) represented.
Soooo - anybody in the neighborhood, or who doesn't mind paying your
own way to Atlanta for a free admission and major public-outreach
opportunity in these areas, feel free to look at the track descriptions
on madscientist.org.uk, or contact the director via jonnyx at gmail.com.
Look - if they can have two hour-long panels discussing the evolution
of Godzilla and his opponents, surely there's equal time in the development
of spinosaurs and tyrannosaurids? (Apologies for the almost inevitable
misuse of -saurs and -ids. We can't even keep local planet nomenclature

Bill Keel

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