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New PhyloCode draft online

A new draft of the PhyloCode (version 4b) is now online, along with a
rebuilt and redesigned website:


>From the Preface:
"Version 4 includes three major changes, all of which were discussed
at the 2006 ISPN meeting and subsequently approved by the CPN. These
concern species names (Art. 21), crown and total clade names (Art.
10), and emendations of definitions (Art. 15)."

Article 21 basically yields governance of species names to the
rank-based codes, but shows how they may be incorporated into
phylogenetic nomenclature. Essentially the epithet is treated as a
uninomen and accompanied by a prenomen (genus name or clade name)
and/or a citation.

Among other changes, Article 10 no longer requires use of the prefix
"Pan-" for names of total clades, although it does allow for informal
(non-italicized) names using "pan-" (lower-case) if another name is
used. Thus, for example, you could have the formal name _Therapsida_
and the informal name "pan-Mammalia" (and vernacular "pan-mammals")

Article 15 follows some of Sereno's ideas, utilized in TaxonSearch
(http://www.taxonsearch.org/) about unrestricted vs. restricted
emendations of definitions. The former do not require approval by the
Council of Phylogenetic Nomenclature.

Since this subject is only somewhat on-topic for this list, follow-up
discussion should probably take place on the ISPN forum:

T. Michael Keesey
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