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Re: Obtaining papers?

Virginia and all--
I don't know where our high school student is going to school, but I do know
that if he or she were here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, he/she
would easily be two hours from any decent university library. Might be a
problem if the person doesn't have a license yet...
Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, Vermont
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Subject: Re: Obtaining papers?

> Dear High School student,
> It seems to me that universities libraries are opened to anyone. There is
> wealth of information in those places. It's sort of a hunt..., you never
> what you are going to find!
> Most of the material can be photocopied right there and you don't even
> a library card.
> To find papers on-line is fine, but in my opinion, it does not compare to
> walking into a university library and glanzing and looking at all the
> journals on paleontology right there. For older issues, you can  always
ask a
> librarian. And, make no mistake, there is a lot of information in  older
> too.
> My two cents.
> Virginia Friedman
> University of California at Davis
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