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New dinosaurs in JVP!

Got the latest issue of JVP and the abstracts volume for SVP.

In JVP, the following new dinosaurs show up:
Berbersaurus liassicus Allain, Tykoski, Aquesbi, Jalil, Monbaron, Russell et
Taquet, a basal abelisauroid from the late Early Jurassic of Morocco.

Cerasinops hodgskissi Chinnery et Horner, a basal leptoceratopsid of the
lower Two Medicine Fm. (Campanian).

Also in that issue is an examination by Prieto-Marquez, Gignac & Goshi on
supposed pelvic sex attributes of archosaurs; a juvenile Parasaurolophus
braincase from Dinosaur Provincial Park described by Evans, Reisz & Dupuis;
and an indeterminate stegosaur braincase from Tuva, Russia by Averianov,
Leshchinskiy, Kudryavtsev & Zaebelin.

No pdfs until the BioOne site has the issue up online.

Lots of good stuff at SVP. And guess who the last speaker of Saturday
afternoon is? (Grumble grumble grumble... :-).

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