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Re: Origin of flight

Another fox story--I watched a fox eating raspberries. Having cleared the
ones on the low hanging branches, the fox then proceeded to leap up,
wrinkling its lips back from its teeth, and pluck berries that were
otherwise too high. Wrinkling the lips back was to avoid the thorns, I
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> I lived on a farm when I was young and had a rather large dog (about 70
> pounds) that loved to rabbit hunt.  Successful enough that we rarely fed
> because he usually wasn't hungry.  His technique was to bound straight up
> the air to clear the vegetation (usually cotton patches), swing his head
> back and forth to look around while near the top of the leap, and light
> like a house afire if he saw a rabbit while aloft.  Then, he'd just chase
> the rabbits down running, rather than trying to leap at them or pounce on
> them.
> JimC