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Re: Origin of flight

From: Scott <hmwh@together.net>
> Another fox story--I watched a fox eating raspberries. Having cleared the
> ones on the low hanging branches, the fox then proceeded to leap up,
> wrinkling its lips back from its teeth, and pluck berries that were
> otherwise too high. Wrinkling the lips back was to avoid the thorns, I
> imagine.
> Scott

Are you suggesting selection pressure for cornification of the rostrum, then? 
:-)  If a small predatory dino behaved this way consistently, I would imagine 
that there would be miscalculations from time to time resulting in trauma to 
the snout tip, much like you see in captive reptiles which "nose-rub" their 
enclosures. It might be advantageous to add a little reinforcement there. You 
might get a proto-beak out of VLOP, if the circumstances are chosen correctly.