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Re: baryonix

> Im sorry to bring this up but i im not such an dino expert as you guys and
> i
> cant get a straight awnser out of google, is baryonix a carnosaur? you see
> i
> know that he was a saurishian and that he's a therapod but i'm stil triyng
> to master the system, you know, all the groups and orders, i believe
> baryonix a part of the spinosaur familie, but anyway. Please just tell me.

Baryonyx is indeed a spinosaur. The spinosaurs (Spinosauridae) are neither
carnosaurs nor coelurosaurs, but part of another branch of the carnivorous
dinosaurs. For one version of the interrelationships of the major groups
of the theropods, see:

> by the way i would like ask if anyone knows good books, not to beginner
> books but not do difficult, anyone

Well... I'm obviously rather biased towards it, but if you can wait until
October 23, I can highly recommend the following:

Hope this helps,

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