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On 9/16/07, Tobi Hautekiet <darth_tobi@hotmail.com> wrote:
> okay, thanks everybody, so know i know that the spinosaur family is not a
> part of the carnosaur clade(if i got this wrong tell me)...

That is probably correct.

I say "probably" because if _Spinosaurus_ and _Allosaurus_ are both
descended from a more recent common ancestor than their last common
ancestor with modern birds, then _Spinosaurus_ (along with other
spinosaurids) would be a carnosaur. Most researchers don't currently
find that to be the case, but at least one (Rauhut) has.

> But i'm in a muddel with my groups, i got this book that says this:
> saurischians:carnosaurs,ornithmimids,dromeosaurs,coelurosaurs,sauropods/ornithischians:armored
> dinosaurs,stegosaurs,boneheaded dinosaurs,horned dinosaurs, duckbilled
> dinosaurs,iguanodons
> i know wat theropods are but i gor no clew were they are in this thing,

Theropods include the first four saurischian groups listed there (and,
in fact, coelurosaurs include both ornithomimids and dromaeosaurids).

The picture's considerably more complex than that list, though. I
suspect that may be an older book, if it lists orniithomimids and
dromaeosaurids separately from coelurosaurs and doesn't mention
ceratosaurs, spinosauroids, etc..

> I would just like something that can show me the most modern version of this
> all

There's no single *most modern* version, since research is still going
on. But Mickey Mortimer's cladogram of Mesozoic theropods is pretty
good (and detailed!):

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