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And as usual, no one really seems to give a damn about Ornithischia,
but that aside for the sake of clarification.

Your book is probably horribly outdated (it sounds that way at
least!). I would recommend not relying on it as a source of
information about dinosaurs.

A very basic model of the current understanding of Ornithischian
groups would probably be something like the following:

Ankylosauria (your "armored dinosaurs")
Ornithopoda (this would include your "duckbilled dinosaurs" and
"iguanodons", as well as lots of other taxa which are serially closer
to them)
Pachycephalosauria (this would be your "boneheaded dinosaurs")
Ceratopsia (this would be your "horned dinosaurs")

Of course, this doesn't take into account forms that do not fall into
these groups, like basal thyreophorans (such as Scutellosaurus) and
basal ornithischians like Pisanosaurus or Lesothosaurus.

It's important to understand that most researchers don't just split
groups into the old Linnean ranks anymore, which your book probably
does to some extent.

To get a basic explanation of how researchers relate different groups
to each other in a more modern sense, you might try reading the


Good luck

Nick Gardner

On 9/16/07, Tobi Hautekiet <darth_tobi@hotmail.com> wrote:
> okay, thanks everybody, so know i know that the spinosaur family is not a
> part of the carnosaur clade(if i got this wrong tell me)...
> But i'm in a muddel with my groups, i got this book that says this:
> saurischians:carnosaurs,ornithmimids,dromeosaurs,coelurosaurs,sauropods/ornithischians:armored
> dinosaurs,stegosaurs,boneheaded dinosaurs,horned dinosaurs, duckbilled
> dinosaurs,iguanodons
> i know wat theropods are but i gor no clew were they are in this thing, i'm
> sorry to keep bothering you all like this, the second i got this straight
> i'l stop anoying you all.
> I would just like something that can show me the most modern version of this
> all
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