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Re: Oldest Footprints Identified

Re: Oldest Footprints Identified

David Marjanovic wrote:

Diadectids had vertical limbs? Fascinating! Entirely unexpected. They still 
aren't "reptiles", however, no matter how those are defined; they aren't 
amniotes. They are hidden in Diadectomorpha at 


They might be Amniota(= Reptilia)after all.

Add enough taxa into the matrix and that's how they pop out. Close to 
Procolophonids, Pareiasaurs, Lanthanosuchids, Solendonsaurus, etc. etc. I wish 
the truth were more like the textbooks and experts say. But when you test it, 
it's not.

Do the test yourself. Any characters or character coding will do. Just include 
enough sister taxa and don't fudge.

David Peters
St. Louis