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Re: Oldest Footprints Identified

> Diadectids [...]

They might be Amniota(= Reptilia)after all.

Add enough taxa into the matrix and that's how they pop out. Close to Procolophonids, Pareiasaurs, Lanthanosuchids, Solendonsaurus, etc. etc. I wish the truth were more like the textbooks and experts say. But when you test it, it's not.

*Solenodonsaurus* is supposed to be close by, but the procolophonoids & friends have not been suspected to be close since the 1950s, and those hypotheses were, you know, cladistics with one character.

Do the test yourself.

I will, as part of my thesis. See you again in 2 or 3 years...

Any characters or character coding will do.

Highly unlikely.