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RE: 3:10 to New Papers

> Brewer, M.L., and Hertel, F. 2007. Wing morphology
> and flight behavior of 
> pelecaniform seabirds. Journal of Morphology
> 268(10):866-877. doi: 
> 10.1002/jmor.10555.

> strategies. Overall, WL and AR 
> scaled with body mass. The Great Frigratebird had
> lower WL than that 
> predicted, whereas the Red-tailed Tropicbird had
> higher WL than that 
> predicted. The tropicbird also exhibited a lower AR
> than that predicted. 

Might or might not be because tropicbirds are not
Pelecaniformes (and thus achieve the same ends by
somewhat different means). Probably not, but I'd have
to look into it in detail.



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