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Re: Defining Ornithischia (was Re:)

On 9/18/07, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> > Secondly, it sounds like Mr Peters is using a character-based definition
> > for
> > Paraornithischia.  However, from your description of "Paraornithischia" it
> > appears that this group is paraphyletic, and therefore not a clade.  I'm
> > not
> > certain that Mr Peters is aware of the difference.
> Worse yet. It's not a definition in the first place -- it's a diagnosis.
> While I am at it, Greek and Latin don't like vowel clusters in general
> and -ao- in particular. It should have been Parornithischia.

While we're at it, it's absurd to call something *inside* the
Ornithischia "Par(a)ornithischia". The prefix means "beyond" or

Andreas Johansson

Why can't you be a non-conformist just like everybody else?