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Effort to preserve childhood home of R.T. Bird as museum

An effort is being made to preserve the childhood home of paleontologist Roland 
T. Bird in Rye, New York as a museum and education center in local history and 
natural science. R. T. is best known known for finding and excavating the 
Paluxy River sauropod trackway at the American Museum. His father Henry Bird 
and his brother Junius Bird were also scientists. The house dates from 1835 and 
is along a tidal basin and salt march, where the family developed their 
interest in natural history, and is adjacent to a local park. I'm a distant 
relative, and remember it as a fascinating place to visit. The last time I was 
there it still housed some of R.T.'s dinosaur gastroliths and other artifacts.

A group organized to save the house has more details here:

And there are other reports at these two links.  

I'd suggest contacting the group if you can lend a hand, or feel free to 
contact me if I could answer any questions.
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