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From wat i understand this is wat the situation is


if this is right do tell me, but i do know i left a whole lot of familie's out and maybe even a clade somewere but tell me, the baryonyx was a tetanurae right, i just asumed that from wat i know now that he wa a spinosauridae, i this right

do tell me this, what are all the groups and familie's and clade's under theropoda...
and t.-rex was a part of carnosauria right?and is a carnosaur part of the tetanurae or of avetheropoda

by the way, this oktober in belgium there going to show a t.-rex...im exited by the way a diplodocus and a triceratops to, and of course the iguanodon's!!!

this was the last time i bother you with a quistion, next time i'l just say if it's something important

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