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Re: Defining Ornithischia (was Re:)

David Marjanovic writes:
 > > So?  Witness all the changes in the phylogenetic definition of
 > > Theropoda as chronicled at:
 > > http://www.taxonsearch.org/dev/taxon_edit.php?tax_id=310&Action=View
 > >
 > > That doesn't stop any of them from being definitions.
 > OK... they are definitions, but none of them is valid because the
 > PhyloCode is not yet in effect. So, in a sense, they aren't really
 > definitions, only suggestions for definitions. :-)


Well, the world can't wait until the PhyloCode is ready -- especially
given the glacial-seeming progress on the Companion Volume(*).

... which I take to be a cue to remind everyone that there is a nice,
short, readable paper on how to interpret pre-PhyloCode phylogenetic
definitions, and it is freely available at:

(*) Side issue: maybe they should just go ahead and implement the
code, and let the companion volume come when it's ready.  Or maybe
they should just impose a hard deadline for CV contributions and say
"if it's not in by 31st December, it misses the cut".

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