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Re: Presentation

With all due respect, my recommendation is to scrap powerpoint
entirely if the target audience is Kindergartners. 4- and 5-year olds
don't have the patience for much more than a minute or two of
projected still pictures, even of dinosaurs. This isn't a bad thing,
either---they're really, really excited about things they can see up
close and handle. So bringing fossils or casts would be ideal.

If you don't have fossils or casts, you might be able to pair a couple
pictures with hands-on activities and things that are quasi-hands on.
This does not need to be limited to fossils or casts. For example, you
could bring in a "field-packed" bookbag and ask them to guess what
type of equipment you would need on a dinosaur hunt. Or, you could
bring in a poster with a dinosaur skeleton and run through some of the
bones that dinosaurs and humans have in common. And kids always have a
ton of questions about dinosaurs, so Q&A can work too.

However, with the understanding that this may be the last minute and
fossils/casts may not be an option, and that most people might not
have a presentation like this handy, I'd do a webcruise for images and
keep it to under 5 or 10 slides. I would use little or no text (they
can't read) and pair up pictures of fossils with living


On 9/19/07, ackolbert@aol.com <ackolbert@aol.com> wrote:
> ok, one more time.  I have need of a brief Powerpoint presentation
> Introduction to Fossils or Introduction to Dinosaur Fossils, something
> like that, targetted at the Kindergarten level.  Does anyone have
> anything prepared you'd be willing to share?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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