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Re: Pleistocene/Holocene extinctions

What is the most widely accepted and/or likely theory for the mass extinctions in Eurasia, the Americas, and Australia at the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary?

Wait, wait. They only happened at that boundary in North America. In Australia it was way earlier, for example.

Many people attribute them to human overhunting, but my beef with this conjecture is that Africa does not seem to have been affected nearly as badly, even though African animals should have been the first to go according to this model.

Not necessarily, because the African animals were already used to the presence of humans and had indeed coevolved with their presence. No drastic change in hunting technology is known from Africa around a relevant time, AFAIK.

My opinion is that climate change was the most important factor.

Then it should have happened at the end of the first ice age, not two million years later.