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Re: Pleistocene/Holocene extinctions

Australia - probably mainly human-altered fire regime
(and other ecological changes) since Latest
Pleistocene, some hunting, end of ice age was only
coup de grace.

Didn't the extinction happen more like 40,000 years ago, even before the Last Glacial Maximum?

(And what does MVP mean?)

End of ice age for example seems to
have been a factor in thylacine disappearing from

Didn't that happen several millennia later?

There was a paper recently that suggests competition with the dingo, which was much better equipped for hunting large prey.

South America - rather less human-caused extinction
apparently, but the case here seems most similar to
(Eur)Asia. Though it is not known (and much will never
be known) what lived in the Amazon Basin before that
became covered with rainforest, and what happened to
these critters (humid-mesic open woodland and
grassland was probably the ice age vegetation in

The rainforest was, however, considerably less fragmented than was assumed 10 years ago.

* Long time to maturity, not even close to panmixia.
Deleterious alleles must have been a dime a dozen in

Can hardly have been much worse than with the surviving elephants, can it?