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RE: Evidence For a Feathered Velociraptor...

"...help it maneuver while running..."


The little guys might have had feathers to get them out of trouble but the big guys might have had feathers to turn and swoop after them.

See thread Origin of Flight.

"One thing that puzzles me though is why these little dinosaurs have feathery structures on them (including their forelimbs) when they obviously can't begin to fly.

If you observe bird chicks running they stick their forelimbs out and it seems to confer a sort of balance advantage as they go round corners and jink to change direction.

If you have a large predator after you then a little aerodynamic effect on the forelimbs would help you keep out of trouble.

These protowings could also be used for VLOP at insects or even berries or fruits that would otherwise be out of reach."



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