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Re: two parents per dinosaur, really?

On 9/21/07, Mickey Rowe;893-2446 <mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu> wrote:
> just strikes me as hilarious.  I'm sure the author (Michael Kahn) was
> under tremendous time pressure to get that article posted but
> really... "from different eggs"?


>  As if it might be normal for
> dinosaur eggs to be double-yoked or something?  And "at least two
> different parents"?  So we no longer think psittacosaurs reproduced
> clonally?  What would we need to find to convince us there was only
> one parent...  the remains nailed to a cross?

Now wait a sec -- he said "*laid* by different parents" (emphasis
added). Unless you're suggesting that male dinosaurs laid eggs,
there's no problem with that part of it.

(On a related note: one video store here in L.A. used to have a
"pregnant man" section, composed of the Governator's _Junior_ and a
whopping two other titles.)
Mike Keesey