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Re: two parents per dinosaur, really?

And, er, what about double-yoke in dinosaur eggs (extinct or extant). No modern dinosaur knwon for that (I mean twins)?

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On 9/21/07, Mickey Rowe;893-2446 <mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu> wrote:

just strikes me as hilarious. I'm sure the author (Michael Kahn) was under tremendous time pressure to get that article posted but really... "from different eggs"?


 As if it might be normal for
dinosaur eggs to be double-yoked or something?  And "at least two
different parents"?  So we no longer think psittacosaurs reproduced
clonally?  What would we need to find to convince us there was only
one parent...  the remains nailed to a cross?

Now wait a sec -- he said "*laid* by different parents" (emphasis added). Unless you're suggesting that male dinosaurs laid eggs, there's no problem with that part of it.

(On a related note: one video store here in L.A. used to have a
"pregnant man" section, composed of the Governator's _Junior_ and a
whopping two other titles.)
Mike Keesey

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