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RE: Anatomical directions for decribing coracoids

> > Asking as a dedicated retroactivist; is it useful
> to go w/ priority?
> > 
> > Don
> > 
> Not if it is positively misleading compared to the
> orientation of the
> coracoid (that being the real source of the
> confusion).

The problem, as far as I can see it, is that usually a
directional term like "proximal/distal" is to be
preferred to a posture-relative one like "anterior",
"ventral" etc. Problem with the coracoid: it's by no
means certain. The end closest to the manus (which
would usually be "distal") is also the one closest to
the spinal column (which usually would be "proximal").
Hence, I guess, the confusion.

One might be tempted to break ground and simply start
using "sternal end" and "scapular end" (or maybe
"sternad" and "scapulad")...


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