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Re: coelophysis

On 9/25/07, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Brandon Pilcher wrote:
> > As to feathers, the chance of them being on a theropod this basal is
> > very slim- osteoderms are present on more derived theropods. Unless
> > you're George Olshevsky.
> "BCF" is a crock (tree-dwelling sauropods, flying tyrannosaurs, etc), but the 
> idea of Late Triassic theropods such as _Coelophysis_ being feathered is much 
> more plausible.  Further, the idea that basal neotheropods (or theropods) 
> possessed a feather-like body covering is a testable phylogenetic hypothesis; 
> BCF is not (at least not in its current form).


Andreas Johansson

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