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RE: coelophysis

Brandon Pilcher writes:
 >> BCF=?
 > "Birds came first". The basic concept is that all dinosaurs can
 > trace their roots to arboreal, possibly feathered/downy
 > archosaurian ancestors. It's an intriguing idea I want to find more
 > about, but so far it seems to me confined to the realm of
 > speculation.

The big, big problem with BCF -- the metaproblem, if you like -- is
that it's bever been published.  And until that happens, no-one is
likely to bother rebutting it.  This hypothesis has been advanced
informally many times by George Olshevesky, but never formally
proposed; nor, to the best of my knowledge, adopted by anyone else.
It's not to be confused with Greg Paul's 2F (secondary flightlessness)
hypothesis, which suggest that that derived manraptors may be
secondarily flightless birds.  That's not widely accepted, but not
outside the bounds of possibility.  But George's BCF says that
Brachiosaurus is a flightless bird, too, and that is stretching things
a little :-)

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