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Re: Anatomical directions for decribing coracoids

(And let's not even
get into the use of cranial/caudal for anterior/posterior!  If I read
one more papar about cranial caudal elements, or caudal cranial
elements, I'm going to have to go get that Quad Damage and do some

Instead of the former, you're supposed to say "proximal caudal". Regarding the latter, in cases where "occipital" doesn't fit, I don't know why more people don't follow Gerald Mayr's extension of "proximal/distal" to the neck and skull. Perhaps it's because it clashes with toothrow nomenclature, where "distal" suddenly means "away from the symphysis", which in turn means "toward the jaw joint" except in exceptions like *Nigersaurus*. I think the toothrow nomenclature should be changed... :-}