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Re: Keesey on a mathematical approach to defining clade names -- or -- Whatever Happened To Baby New Papers?

On 9/25/07, Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:
> I'm delighted to announce that arrival of a new and potentially important 
> paper:

Also good if you're having trouble sleeping.

> And for anyone who's wondering, yes he _does_ manage to express the
> horrific phylogenetic definition of Ichyornis (Clarke 2004) not only
> as a rigorous mathematical formula, but also (as an encore) in
> MathXML!

Hey, I like that definition.
(Hmm, I note that part of the mathematical version, specifically the
definition of the monothetic set, seems to be missing on page 10.

(Nitpick: it's MathML, which is a form of XML. Don't look at me; I
didn't name it.)

And now everyone knows why I haven't updated the Dinosauricon in
years. (Although if I ever do have time to revive it, the work done
for this paper will form an integral part of it. Also the work done
for another project which I hope to be announcing reasonably soon....)
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