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Please, a dictionary of acronyms

I think Eike's coinages (sternad, scapulad) are kind of neat! Once you remember the convention that the suffix "ad" means toward (it's easy to remember if you did Latin in highschool, though the Romans didn't use their prepositions as suffixes), the terminology is self-explanatory, which good terminology ought to be in order to minimize demands on memory. ... Hey, the convention can even resolve the ugliness of stuff like "cranial caudal": the proximal caudals would be the "craniaD caudaLs," whereas the bones of the occiput would be the "caudaD craniaLs" (not that I would recommend USING those last two).

On another broadly nomenclatural front, could somebody compile a little dictionary (that I could print out and keep next to my computer) of all the acronyms for positions and theories about bird evolution? "BAD" is sort of obvious, but some of the others are harder to remember. What's WAIR, for example?

Allen Hazen
Philosophy Department
University of Melbourne