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Please, a dictionary of acronyms

Allen Hazen writes:
 > I think Eike's coinages (sternad, scapulad) are kind of neat!  Once
 > you remember the convention that the suffix "ad" means toward (it's
 > easy to remember if you did Latin in highschool, though the Romans
 > didn't use their prepositions as suffixes), the terminology is
 > self-explanatory, which good terminology ought to be in order to
 > minimize demands on memory.  ...  Hey, the convention can even
 > resolve the ugliness of stuff like "cranial caudal": the proximal
 > caudals would be the "craniaD caudaLs," whereas the bones of the
 > occiput would be the "caudaD craniaLs" (not that I would recommend
 > USING those last two).

OK, except that as I tried to demonstrate, adding the directions
sternad and scapulad doesn't really help much since you still need the
other four directions.

 > On another broadly nomenclatural front, could somebody compile a 
 > little dictionary (that I could print out and keep next to my 
 > computer) of all the acronyms for positions and theories about bird 
 > evolution?  "BAD" is sort of obvious, but some of the others are 
 > harder to remember.  What's WAIR, for example?

Here are a few that I remember off the top of my head.

BAD = Birds Are Dinosaurs
BAND = Birds Are Not Dinosaurs
BANDit = someone who supports the BAND hypothesis
BAM = Birds Are Maniraptors (equivalent really to BAD)
ABSURD = Anything But a Small Undiscovered Running Dinosaur: the
        assertion that, whatever the ancestor of birds was, it wasn't
        a terrestrial dinosaur.
MANIAC = Maniraptors Are Not In Actuality Coelurosaurs: the rather
        wacky idea that birds _are_ maniraptors, but that Theropoda is
        diphyletic with maniraptors having had a separate origin.
WAIR = Wing-Assisted Incline Running: running up steep slopes using
        wings to help by providing a _downward_ force akin to that
        provided by the spoilers of racing cars.
FUCHSIA = Flight Underwater Continued, However Stange, In Air: the
        idea that flight (in air) evolved from the equivalent use of
        wings to "fly" through water as penguins do.

Some of these were obviously made up by opponents of the positions
they represent, in order to mock them.  Fine by me, so long as it's
witty :-)

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