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Re: Evidence For a Feathered Velociraptor...

On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 06:51:50PM -0700, T. Michael Keesey scripsit:
> On 9/26/07, Graydon <oak@uniserve.com> wrote:
> > "Tinamiformes, Phoenicopteriformes, and taxa outside of Ornithurae all
> > lack quill knobs", according to  "A new bird from the Upper Cretaceous
> > Two Medicine Formation of Montana", David J. Varricchio, Can. J. Earth
> > Sci. 39: 19-26 (2002).
> Which sense of "Ornithurae"?

"Piksi does exhibit one synapomorphy of the Ornithurae, a brachial
depression on the humerus (Chiappe and Calvo 1994), but appears to lack
quill knobs on the ulna shaft (Elzanowski 1995)."

is the only other mention of "Ornithurae" in that paper; I would guess
that it takes the definition from Chiappe and Calvo 1994, but the author
doesn't explicitly state which definition he's using.

-- Graydon