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Third Latinoamerican Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology

This recently arrived (I'm forwarding it exactly as I received it; I
have no additional information -- MPR):

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:29:13 -0300
From: Congreso <IIIclpv@proyectodino.com.ar>
Subject: IIICLPV
To: mikew@npgcable.com, xcwu@mus-nature.ca, wyss@geol.ucsb.edu,
   xingxu@vip.sina.com, yatesa@geosciences.wits.ac.za, youhailu@gmail.com,

Dear Colleagues

    We are the organizer of the III Latinoamerican Congress of Vertebrate
Paleontology. It will be done in Neuquen city, Patagonia, Argentina between
September 22 to 25 th of 2008. Now we you could also see the web page in

    The first Congress took place in Santiago (Chile-2002) the Second one in
Rio de Janeiro (Brasil-2005) and the next one will be in Patagonia,
Argentina. It is a good oportunity to visit the land of giant dinosaurs
(Neuquén Province) and other important vertebrates.

For More information you may visit our web page.



Dr. Jorge Calvo