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Re: Homing Pigeons? Try Homing Crocodiles...

Richard W. Travsky writes:

I don't know if 12 miles a day is unreasonable, but for three weeks
is certainly persistent ;)

I imagine it wouldn't require a huge amount of energy for a croc to keep up a constant leasurely pace. It tends to be sudden bursts of energy that tire crocs out (like struggling in a net or trap, or lunging at khaki-clad primates).

What is just as interesting is how they recognized the destination.

Some researches think that fish and eels recognise the river they were born in by the distinct smell of it's waters. If this is the case for crocs, then perhaps they just head along the coast until they recognise the smell of their own river. Of course they have to know what direction to start swimming in to begin with.

This croc's journey was especially interesting, as I doubt that evolution ever factored aerial relocation into the navigating abilities of crocodiles. Unles BCF goes farther back into the archosaur tree than anyone realises. :)


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