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Re: Dromeo Danger

I'm not saying a wee Velociraptor would attack a full
grown human or that we couldn't take one down if
needed I'm saying they're a hell of a lot more
dangerous that a coyote. 

If a V Raptor was coming near me I would go into
threat display immediatly and let it know in no
uncertain terms that I am not to be messed with

 and that this dead Protoceratops I just killed is

--- Dustin Mendus <mendus.dustin@gmail.com> wrote:

> While I would not at all desire to be attacked by a
> velociraptor, but,
> looking at a lone velociraptor as a thread to a
> human adult (Average
> human male 6'0, decent shape. 20's) seems a little
> over exaggerated in
> my opinion. Killing one for the sake of food would
> be a waste of food
> if the animal lived alone, and the size would
> certainly turn off a
> velociraptor a bit. Unless we're talking about a
> pair. or a pack. In
> defense? Sure, But just for a snack? That doesn't
> make sense to me.
> Lone lions don't go after elephants, nor would I
> expect a lone
> velociraptor to attack such a big prey item.
> Just my two cents, there.

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