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Re: Pachycephalosaurs & head-butting

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> > and the dome that they develop through their lives
> is a display structure 
> > used only for species recognition and to look sexy
> to other 
> > pachycephalosaurs.
> But why is it massive cortical bone then? Why isn't
> it hollow or at least 
> spongy? 

For my money there is no way that Pachycephalosaurs
didn't use their heads for defense at least against
everything but themselves. That's the real question.
Did they head butt each other? I don't think they ran
at each other like big horns sheep do but they may
have done a closer in push each other thing that got
heated quickly if the two sparrents (sp? word?) were
equally matched. I just can't see that much open
rounded bone smacking together. Or maybe I just don't
want to. yuck.

A.D. Simpson 

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