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Re: Raptors climbing trees?

Amtoine Grant writes:

Of course, we will never know what they "did". Our task should be to determine what they were at least possible of doing. True, a full- grown Deinonychus leaping from branch to branch MAY be hard to realistically imagine. But what about a juvenile?

It's possible that the juveniles of some dromaeosaur species may have been flight-worthy, which they outgrew as adults. Of course, just because you can fly doesn't mean you have to climb trees as well (ask your average swan).

This question shouldn't be limited to the species, it's also a question of ecology(what sort of branches were there to leap to & from?). Especially given that there are tyrannosaurs and/or other larger predators in most every environment dromaeosaurs are know from, ANY escape method should not be ruled out w/o proof of impossibility.

You'd have to climb an awefully tall tree - and fast - to get away from an adult tyrannosaur (assuming they could be bothered pursuing such a small snack). It reminds me of a line from Jurassic Park II:

"Actually, it puts us at a convenient biting height".


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