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Re: Raptors climbing trees?

Tyrannosaurs only had feathers when they were cute fluffy chicks.   LOL!

If they ever tried to climb trees, the trees would collapse!

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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On 2-Apr-08, at 6:08 PM, Dora Smith wrote:
I meant to make films of my little therapods' tripedal strategy of locomotion.
One of the main reasons I'm going to film school. Spielberg, NG & e'rybody else are content with just having dinosaurs chase people for no apparent reason.

Budgies love to climb. Beak-legs-beak-legs-beak-legs - they're GOOD little climbers. They love to hop between perches too.
It's tempting to picture tyrannosaurs performing this act(I can see it right now)...

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