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Re: Dromeo Danger

franklin e. bliss writes:

Tokay Geckos are the worse for not letting go. I held one that was attached to me underwater for 10 minutes and he never let go. I ended up using a couple of pencils as leverage. Bad attitude.

A friend of mine had a pet shingle-back lizard (a large member of the skink family) as a pet. He made the mistake of playing 'chicken' with it one day, wiggling his fingers and pulling them back in time to avoid the jaws. Except for the last time he did it, when that hugely muscled head clamped down on him. It took quite a bit of prying to get it to let go, but it's short teeth didn't do much damage (the jaw pressure alone made it quite painful though).

Varanus species can be big and obnoxious to handling too. Never seen a cuddly one.

There's a Komodo monitor at Toronga Park Zoo in sydney that is very 'cuddly'. He actively seeks out a scratch on the head from his keeper each morning. Apparently tame Komodo monitors particularly enjoy a scratch around the eyes and eyelids.


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