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Neovenator monograph

Posted for Steve Brusatte, who is not currently subscribed.

A monograph of the allosauroid theropod Neovenator salerii from the Early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight will be published later this year by myself, Roger Benson, and Steve Hutt. It will be a complete description of the skeleton, along with photographs of every known fossil. The monograph is being published by the somewhat obscure Palaeontographical Society in the UK, which fortunately has no page limits or costs, but unfortunately is not well known in North America and does not provide pdf copies of monographs. If some of you may be interested in getting a copy, we're sending this message to give you a heads up on a much more cost effective method. Buying the monograph as a separate volume will cost Â100 ($200), but monographs are sent to members of the Palaeontographical Society as part of the membership package. Membership costs Â33/$80 and Â16.50/$50 for students. Membership information can be found at:http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted_sites/palsoc/membership.html, or you can contact Paul Barrett (p.barrett@nhm.ac.uk) for further information. This isn't necessarily an endorsement of PalSoc (although it is a very nice, charming British organization!), but we want everyone who may be interested in the monograph to be aware of the reduced costs.



Steve Brusatte

-- Stephen Brusatte MSc-Palaeobiology University of Bristol, UK brusatte@gmail.com