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Re: Raptors climbing trees?

Graydon, not to call you a liar or anything, but do you have a photo of this goat climbing the apple tree?

You know, someone in this neighborhood keeps goats - saw them walking the goats down teh street one day - wonder what light they can shed?

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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But goats _do_ have adaptations for climbing; these started in
mountains, but they apply to trees.  (the ability to grip with the
cloven hoof, narrow gauge stance, balance, and probably some others.)

My take on this is that goats are good enough at climbing trees, by
borrowing adaptations for climbing rocks, that they get significant
benefit from it -- our milk goat could get apples out of an apple tree
by climbing it that horses couldn't reach, for example -- that it's not
likely to go away even in a complete absence of rocks.  But it's also
not likely to become a significant specialization, because being _more_
specialized would start to be a disadvantage in other modes of life.

-- Graydon

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