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new volume by Fabio Dalla Vecchia

Dear friends,

I would let You know that is out the new volume by Fabio Dalla Vecchia about the fossil records of the Friuli (a northeastern Italian region).
The complete reference is:

The Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale (Friulian Natural History Museum) of Udine, volume n. 50

?VERTEBRATI FOSSILI DEL FRIULI ? 450 milioni di anni di evoluzione?

(?Fossil vertebrates of Friuli ? 450 million years of evolution?, in Italian)

304 pages, 279 colour figures (representing, among others, Megalancosaurus, Langobardisaurus, Preondactylus, Bobosaurus, Protenodontosaurus and dinosaur footprints), size 24.5 x 17.5 cm, hardcover.

Animal reconstructions (art work) are by Lukas Panzarin.

Only 1000 copies printed.
The price is 20 euro (about 30 US dollars), plus shipping costs.

For whom interested the book can be purchased only at the Museum, writing to:

Direction of the
Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale
Via Marangoni 39 e 41
I-33100 UDINE

Or sending a signed fax to: 0039/0432/584721

The book will be sent you by mail and you will pay it to the post man at the receiving.
Not easy at all, but this is Italy

For more information: tel. 0039/0432/584711
E-mail: mfsn@comune.udine.it